Connie is an Intuitive Communicator with a truly amazing gift. She can speak directly with spirit, with the intelligence of your body’s cells and with the consciousness of others.

Direct from spirit, Connie clearly hears precise answers to your own specific questions. This way, you can access knowledge beyond normal human awareness.

Connie communicates with your body’s cells to uncover why a physical issue is taking place and what it needs to heal. She also reveals physical and behavioral disorders with your pets….



1. You say you are an “Intuitive Communicator”.  Just what is that? 
I communicate in a most unusual way. I “cell talk” with the cells in your physical body and “spirit talk” with the energy of your non-physical body. I hear these energies and directly speak with them in a question and answer manner. It is truly incredible and exciting to experience for both you and me.

2.  How does this work and how can this be useful to me? These non-physical energies have access to knowledge beyond normal human awareness. So, as I relate the answers back to you, you can count on receiving clear, precise and accurate answers to your questions....



The following list of sample questions may help you prepare for your phone consultation.

● Physical healing & emotional issues 
● Relationships 
● Pet's health & behavior issues 
● Career and life’s purpose 
● Finances 
● Business planning/development 
● Grieving and loss 
● Feelings 
● Making challenging decisions 
● Personal growth and spirituality….



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